From time to time we are able to offer a place here to someone who feels overwhelmed in life and wants to experience what it's like to live in a small community. You'll have the opportunity to learn natural and carpentry building skills, simple permaculture in practice, foraging, thinking outside the box, exploring your own creativity, and authentic living and healing. When we slow down, there's time to listen.

It seems that the right people come at the right time. If you feel that it's the right time for you, write us a letter that shows who you are and what your expectations are. We don't want to exclude anyone on the basis of money so your stay will be free. In our vision compassion and humanity are not commodities that are for sale. In our culture, the value of experiences and objects is often connected to money, the more it costs, the higher the value we give it. Write us an email at

Remember that you can always negotiate with anyone anywhere. Even when that person claims it’s non-negotiable. Even when there’s a sign that says “It’s absolutely forbidden to negotiate”. That’s their sign. You can bring your own sign that says: “It’s always allowed to negotiate, even next to a sign that says it’s absolutely forbidden.”

How should I find words for an experience that made me speechless? How should I be able to describe Dennis and Ayet in a short text when they evoke so many thoughts and feelings inside of me? It is not possible to express how much the stay at Dennis and Ayet’s place had touched me. They taught me to see life a new way, focused on authenticity and in a deep connection to our environment. They are incredible welcoming persons with an enormous knowledge of human nature and so many stories to share! They are truly patient, empathic, creative, open-minded and honest. The month with them was one of the most intense in my entire life. It has changed my view of life in so many positive ways. Dennis and Ayet gave me hope, self-belief and so much courage. They led me to an important turning point in my life and I am too grateful to find words for that. I can fully recommend a stay with them, if you are able to listen and willing to enrich your life with their inspiring spirit.

volunteer (Germany)

If you like to volunteer for us, check out our Workaway page. Please keep in mind that we receive hundreds of requests every year.