We live in a time of many changes and it's hard to keep up and to focus on what really matters in life. To explore other views and ideas and to connect to our authentic self, we feel how life unfolds its complexity into simplicity. And with that a new way of life is embraced, with connection, understanding, compassion and creativity. We like to invite you to watch the videos to get you on your journey.

Words of Wisdom

  • There’s no such thing as “more sustainable”, no matter how many times it’s mentioned in the media. Nor is there such a thing as “more empty”. It’s either empty or not. And it’s either sustainable or not.
  • Don’t confuse sustainable architecture with sustainable building. You want to see sustainable architecture? Go and look at birds’ nests.
  • Every important decision in life is made with courage or cowardice. When you look back at those choices, the ones you made with courage you will never regret.
  • Human happiness doesn’t have to be achieved after a long evolution. It comes through a choice, offered within each generation.
  • As capitalism has managed to turn everything on this planet into a commodity, there’s one thing it cannot buy: another climate.