Artist Residency & Airbnb

The Sculptured House is built with natural, recycled and local materials, in harmony with its surrounding nature. This calm retreat offers an inspirational experience for those who look for a stress-free environment. It has a cozy sleeping loft with nice views. During two months in the summer it will be available for daily bookings through Airbnb.

The rest of the year it will serve as an artist residency, where artists, writers, musicians and other creative people have the possibility to rent it for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximimum of 3 months. The rent will be 350 Euros per month. It has a woodstove and electricity is available. The facilities are down at the main cottage, the café and the shower cabin. Our location is close to a small train station and half an hour away from the city of Karlstad. If you’re interested in renting the artist residency, contact Ayet Alers at

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