Imagine waking up to the sound of birds, the smell of a forest and the light of a soft morning sun.

The treehouse has been made of mostly natural materials and has a strong harmony with its surroundings. It has antique windows, that will show you an ever-changing view of the landscape. Quite possibly you could spot a deer, wild birds such as woodpeckers or even a moose if you’re lucky. It has two beds next to eachother and the facilities are down at the café and the shower cabin.

Sleep high up among the Birch trees

I spent an amazing week in the tree house, away from the city, surrounded by the Swedish forests and nature, with great people. Thank you ❤

Michelle Xue He (Poland)

Definitely one of the most beautiful areas I have ever been to. An abundance of berries, mushrooms, lakes, and wonderful people.

Frank Laufenberg (Wisconsin, USA)

We had peaceful nights in the tree-house, enjoying to hear the different noises of the wood creaking, being cradled by the wind. In the morning we woke with the sunlight and took time to write and draw by the window, enjoying the view of the trees around.

Lia & Camille (France)

Reminds us about the simplicity of life. Every space is unique and built by Dennis from scratch. Homemade breakfast with different types of freshly picked berries from the woods. Definitely a different experience.

Xh (Singapore)

Dennis’ treehouse is an amazing experience. Dennis has built everything himself in the middle of the nature and the area is filled with authenticity, peace and quiet. Dennis is an accomodating warm-hearted host, very helpful and flexible. Thank you for a lovely stay, and I hope to visit you again Dennis.

Mohamed (Denmark)

The treehouse is absolutely amazing. It’s was the perfect place for us to spent two rainy days just reading and listening to the rain. We ate Dennis delicious pizza and enjoyed interesting conversations. The hole experience was lovely and I would definitely recommend it!

Sophia (Sweden)

Perhaps it’s the first and true treehouse in Sweden with its rustic charm surrounded by Swedish nature scenery. Dennis and Ayet gave us a little extra surprise here and there throughout our short de-stressed vacation. My teen loved it and that’s a “serious” comment from a youth… Will we come back? Absolutely, to the next featured house. Thanks a bunch for the extra miles you guys have done to give us (a “messy” mom-son pair) a wonderful stay.

Thao (Sweden)